Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre

Brand Building in the Children's Mental Health Sector

It's no secret to anyone who knows us that we embrace working with not-for-profit clients, particularly in the area of branding. When we were given a chance to work with the team at Crossroads Children's Mental Health Centre on a refresh of their brand, we were absolutely thrilled.

Over the years, we have worked on brand development projects and fundraising campaigns for mental health and addictions with clients that include the Queensway-Carleton Hospital, Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse and the Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, to name a few. Our experience with these organizations and projects was useful during our work with Crossroads Children's Mental Health Centre.

“McGill Buckley provided us with great facilitation skills, experienced guidance, a strategic foundation and creativity that captures and positions our brand and connects with our audiences.”

~ Michael Hone, Executive Director

Initially, we spent considerable time ensuring we understood the who, what and why of the Crossroads culture and brand.  We started by taking the organization through a brand discovery phase, with the senior management team.  Working directly with the Executive Director as well as managers and supervisors, we got a better sense of what drove the organization to work with families, children and community partners in a challenging part of the healthcare system. We augmented those discussions with research and deeper digging.

Building a Brand Messaging Platform for Crossroads

After our discussions, research and presentation of our observations and recommendations, we began to write a more robust brand messaging platform for Crossroads Children's Mental Health Centre to communicate the organization to its internal and external audiences. We revamped the vision and mission, wrote a new brand positioning statement and developed a series of key messages based on what we believed were the most compelling elements of the brand. We also came up with a new tagline - Help For Children. Hope For Families.

Designing a New Brand Identity for Crossroads

After we had put a nice bow on the first phase of brand development for Crossroads Children’s Mental Health Centre, they asked us to work them some more to help redesign their logo and visual brand identity package. We initially presented three logo concepts and after receiving feedback from staff and volunteers, we narrowed the choice down to the logo you now see on this page. Since then the logo has been applied to their core stationery package, presentation templates, signage, website and social media profiles.

Working with Crossroads Children's Mental Health Centre has deepened our appreciation and elevated our respect for the important work they do in helping families and children under the age of 12.