About Us

We work with smart people with head-scratching marketing and branding conundrums


We Work With Decision-Makers Who Have A Hurdle That Needs Leaping Over

We work with a select group of clients in a handful of industries, including healthcare, not-for-profit and hospitality. Those are not the only industries we will work in, but they the ones where we have acquired a significant amount of experience and a reputation for making a difference and generating results. 

We've worked for home builders and insurance companies, management consultants and lawyers, amateur and professional sports organizations, media companies. We've had clients who are start-ups, global players, multi-generation family businesses and at least one that was older than Canada; the organization, not the person.

It's less about the industry to us. It’s not usually about the budget size, although we prefer it when there is one. It's entirely about the people we will be working with and the challenges they are facing. We truly love challenges. We get a charge out of figuring out how to solve problems, especially when others have not. 

We like to work with pleasant, smart and decisive people who respect what we do. We prefer to work with as few committees as possible. People tell us that we're nice to work with, and we make a point of respecting and listening to all the people we work with, including our clients, suppliers, associates and community. 

“People come to us when their brand is struggling to get noticed or needs to be created, refreshed or reimagined.”


Who we are

We’re team of experienced marketers, designers, writers, strategists and creative-thinkers. Get to know us.

We are not big fans of RFPs. Like, not at all. Detest is probably too strong a word to describe our view on RFPs, but it's in the same postal code. We don't go looking for them and we turn down the vast majority of them. We truly enjoy talking to people about the marketing, branding and creative challenges they face, and we're more than happy to submit proposals to those who are willing to take the time to talk with us. 

Usually, our clients come to us when their brand struggles to get noticed or needs to be created, refreshed or reimagined. Or, they're looking for an objective, strategic and experienced help with their marketing and communications. Many have seen the work we've done for others and would like us to bring the same thinking and creativity to their projects. 

We bring an open mind to every project. We encourage clients to zig when the competition is zagging. We are media and channel and tactics agnostics. We know that great ideas can come from anywhere, at any time and anyone. We believe that part of our job is to help uncover the most fantastic ideas.