About Us

We Listen,  Collaborate and Get Things Done.

What we do

We Solve Marketing and Branding Challenges

We solve marketing, branding and communication challenges with strategic thinking, a pragmatic approach, tamped down egos and a consistently creative view on things. We take the time to understand our clients’ challenges and dig deep to understand truly. We listen first and ask many questions. We will challenge conventional, narrow and clichéd thinking in diplomatic ways. 

When others see the work we do, it’s most often the things we produce for public or highly targetted audiences.  Most people see the work we create for clients — websites, fundraising materials, marketing materials, brand collaterals, logos, videos, presentations, messaging platforms and advertising, social media, public relations, direct mail and marketing campaigns.  

What only our clients see is the work we do to drive everything mentioned in the previous paragraph. That kind of work includes creative briefs, project plans, marketing plans, brand, communication, digital, social media and media relation strategies. It's the upfront strategic thinking and meticulous planning that drives the doing, that generates results. 

“We take the time to understand our clients’ challenges and dig deep to understand truly.”

We Think Strategically

Far too often, we see companies struggling because they lead with tactics. With all the self-serve, low-cost, no-cost and quick-turnaround options out there, it’s easier than ever to jump on tactical deliverables like websites, videos, infographics, explainer videos and social media posts. TikTok anyone? Starting with strategy instead of the tactic-du-jour ensures that the things you do are the things that generate the results needed. It has always been so. 

We Leverage Creativity 

In the past couple of decades, the number of marketing messages the average consumer or donor sees daily has exploded. As many as 10,000 messages per day is the reality of today’s always-on, hyper-connected world. How do you stand out in such a jam-packed landscape? With smart writing and intelligent design, driven by a strategy that leverages creativity to get noticed. As legendary Adman Bill Bernbach said, “If your ad doesn't get noticed, everything else is irrelevant” Bill was right then, and he’s right today. 

We Tell Stories

We're nerdy enough to get lost in information, research, numbers and data but experienced enough to know that stories are what truly resonates with audiences. In marketing and brand building, stories connect, persuade, and influence where facts and figures alone seldom can. Connecting, persuading and influencing are what marketing, communications and branding are supposed to do. Telling stories is the way to do all those things.

We Solve Problems

Many clients we work with have a problem or problems that need to be solved. A brand that not enough people know about, a fundraising campaign that isn't exciting donors, underperforming marketing, a website that users are continually bitching about or a social media presence that doesn't engage. We love to roll up our sleeves, dig in and figure out how to make things work. 

We Relish Opening Up a Can of Whup-Ass on the Competition

Wanting to kick ass and take down names may not be the most politically correct attitude these days, but we frequently think it's needed. Competition isn't always another company or organization, sometimes its a situation like homelessness, too many people living with mental illness or the way we care for our seniors. 

We Strive to Change The Fortunes of Our Clients 

Results matter, we get it, and we always focus on them. Whether it’s increased revenue, more measurable results in marketing, a brand that resonates, a fundraising goal achieved or a website that delivers on its KPIs, we know that this is the way to measure the value of our work ultimately.

Why Should You Work With Us? 

Seriously, you’ll need to decide that. The best way to determine that is to have a conversation with us. We really do enjoy talking with people. People who have worked with us talk about a few things consistently. If we’re to believe them, we listen, know what we are doing, get things done, are laid back, don't take ourselves seriously and working with us is easy, most of the time. Why not give us a call and form your own opinion? 


Who we work with

We work with a select group of clients in a handful of industries, including healthcare, not-for-profit and hospitality.