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A website is the 24/7 face of a brand and often, a digital member of the marketing team, communications group or fundraising department that never sleeps. These days with a long list of free or inexpensive web design tools, it's easy to design and launch a website. It's a little tougher to design and maintain a website that attracts visitors, delivers seamless user experiences and generates results that matter. 

What is Web Design?

Website design involves a deliberate and thoughtful process of planning, conceptualizing, and arranging visual and written content. Your website needs to engage visitors and function on various devices, including desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones and tablets. 

Where users experience your website usually depends on the audience wanting to check it out. As a B2B marketing company, most of our website visitors are on desktop and laptop computers. Our clients who market and communicate directly with consumers to sell products and services or solicit donations typically see a much larger percentage of website visitors on mobile devices.

In a digital nutshell, web design in the 21st century comprises two critical elements, how the website looks (aesthetics) and how the website works (functionality). Web design can also go beyond websites to include web apps, mobile apps, and user interface design.

Website Design Should Start With Goals, Purpose and Strategy

Jumping straight into designing a website is one-way companies get themselves in trouble and end up with an underperforming website. It is a cart before the horse way to go. As Simon Sinek says, but in a different context, start with why. Why do you need a website? Some of the answers to that question could be to build brand awareness, market your products or services, engage members, generate leads or build support for your cause. 

It is understanding the why of your website that will lead you to the next critical question. What does your website need to do to contribute to your success? A website is not a standalone part of your organization; it is an integral and (fingers crossed) highly visible part of your brand. A website that sells products and services will be different from one that distributes information or provides tangible benefits to members and donors.

Well-designed websites attract the right kind of visitors, deliver a painless and productive user experience and generate measurable results that matter”

Before you start looking at Content Management Systems, design templates and other bells and whistles, it's best to have a written strategy that covers: 

  • Why does your organization need a website? 
  • Who are the audiences for your website? 
  • Why would audiences want to visit your website?
  • What will visitors want to accomplish when visiting your website?
  • What would you like website visitors to do? 
  • How will visitors find your website? 
  • How will you know that your website is working for its visitors, and you?

Keep Your Users At The Centre of Your Planning and Thinking

Just as a company seldom goes wrong by always keeping its customers in mind like Amazon, users should always be at the centre of planning, designing and building a website. Please don't confuse them or make them think too hard or long.  

Our website design services will help you. 

We've assisted small, medium and large organization design websites that are well planned and driven by users' and organizations' needs. We take a strategy and creativity first approach. We can help you with: 

  • Appearance + Functionality
  • Navigation & Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design & Layout
  • Content Development
  • Selecting an appropriate CMS
  • Integrating Email Marketing
  • Integrating Social Media
  • Integrating Analytics
  • Optimizing for Conversions

We are committed to delivering websites that are: 

  1. Fast Loading
  2. Secure
  3. Search Engine Optimized
  4. Mobile Ready
  5. Designed for Users
  6. Valuable for Owners

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