Bruyère's Life Changing Campaign

Creating an integrated fundraising campaign for support for Bruyère

Over the course of several years, we helped Bruyère Continuing Care in Ottawa rebrand themselves, drive the fundraising success of their annual Radiothon for Bruyère Foundation and play a significant role in dozens of branding, fundraising and communication projects.

One of our favourite projects for Bruyère was the theme development, branding and design of the transformative Life Changing fundraising campaign, collateral materials and case for support.

Working closely with the President of Bruyère Foundation at the time, as well as board members, foundation staff and the in-house communications team we were tasked with creating an overarching theme and visually branding a campaign with an ambitious goal to raise $30 million dollars over multiple years.

Funds from the campaign would be used to transform care across Bruyère and support groundbreaking research in brain health, independent seniors' living, hospice and geriatric care. It was to be the largest single fundraising campaign in the 175-year history of Bruyère.

Developing the Life Changing theme.

Although we knew the deliverables would eventually include a case for support, campaign videos and other support materials, our first task was to create an overarching theme that could tie patient care, research and the creation of world-leading centres of excellence together.

We were given the draft of the Bruyere strategic plan and PowerPoint presentations developed by the leaders in research, patient care, communications and fundraising.

Over the course of several weeks, we devoured all the background information, interviewed key players, talked to patients and families and brainstormed possibilities for campaign themes.

In the end, we decided that this was, ultimately, a campaign about possibilities and re-imaging research and care. Our presentation to the board and senior staff imagined a number of scenarios that eventually made their way into the campaign and case for support.

“Imagine creating new centres for healthy aging and brain health that could improve care for seniors across our community and around the world.”

“Imagine if we could provide more of the kind of care that our friends and families deserve at the end of life.”

“Imagine the best medical minds in the world working in our city to transform patient care.”

Thanks to the keen eye of Nadine Buckley, the designer of the campaign and case for support, the Life Changing logo creatively highlights the word "aging" within the word "changing".

Our theme and creative recommendations received immediate approval and were launched a few weeks later at a special breakfast event for 300 people at the Château Laurier.