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Understanding where your brand is perhaps the most important step that you can take. This holds true for new brands as well as brands that are underperforming.

McGill Buckley has delivered in-depth brand discovery assignments for a wide variety of industries and sectors including health care, not-for-profit, hospitality, business-to-business and business to consumer brands.

Our brand discovery phase includes the following key steps:

Brand Discovery Sessions

Depending on the size of the organization this can be a single, intense discovery session with staff or a series of sessions with internal and external stakeholders. A typical brand discovery session lasts up to three hours. and is led by experienced facilitators.  Brand discovery sessions encourage input and opinions of brand perceptions, brand values, organizational goals, audiences, competitive landscape and more.

External Stakeholder Interviews

As a way of testing the perceptions gathered during the brand discovery group session, a series of face-to-face or telephone interviews or web-based questionnaires take place with customers, suppliers, partners and other select individuals who may have been exposed to the brand. This is a critical step in determining if brand perceptions are in line with brand realities.

Brand Audit

A brand audit is a thorough and objective review all the methods that are being used to deliver current brand communications, brand messaging and brand experiences. A brand audit typically includes internal and external marketing materials such as websites, social media channels, advertising campaigns as well as print and digital marketing collateral. For consumer-facing brands, brick and mortar site visits and third-party website inquiries are often included.

Brand Analysis

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the brands of your competition is key in developing a unique and compelling brand of your own. It is critical in establishing a brand that will gain traction and deliver tangible results. We will determine how your competitors are positioning themselves and establish the strength of the brands you will be competing against.

Brand Recommendations

As the final step of the McGill Buckley brand discovery process, we will present a report of everything we’ve learned through the group sessions, interviews, and research. We will identify the branding opportunities that hold the greatest potential for you and present what we believe to be the strongest positioning for your brand given your audiences, industry sector and competitive situation.

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