A Campaign To Promote Vaccine Information.

Helping CANVax Launch A National Marketing Campaign for Health Professionals.

When the Canadian Public Health Association approached us in late 2021 to discuss launching a national marketing campaign to promote credible vaccine information, it was at the height of the pandemic. To say interest and opinions about vaccines were at a high level is understating things. 

While the CANVax website had been live for some time, it had yet to generate the national traffic, engagement and regular users it hoped for through owned and earned media. As a result, funding for a paid national campaign was made available, and part of our role was to recommend where and how the Canadian Public Health Association budget would spend its budget. 

We would also develop clear and persuasive messaging that would resonate with the various audiences, revamp social media assets' look, feel and tone, and update downloadable collateral materials. 

Having worked with the CPHA on several projects, we were confident that we understood the audiences we would be talking to. We also knew that any national campaign about vaccines would be subject to scrutiny. 

Reaching Canada’s Health Professionals.  

Health professionals, particularly public health professionals, are a widely dispersed audience working in large, small and remote communities in every part of Canada as well as hospitals, clinics, research institutes, governments and doctor's offices. As a result, developing a comprehensive, efficient and effective media buying program to reach those people would be a significant part of the campaign planning.  

Using first-party data and our collective knowledge of Canada's healthcare and public health systems, leading organization, influential media properties, and journalists, we developed an all-digital media buying strategy using the most prominent social media channels, LinkedIn, Meta and Twitter, targetted digital display networks and owned channels. When executed, the plan delivered just under nine million monthly impressions and increased website users by over 400%. 

“McGill Buckley planned, created, launched and managed our national campaigns like the experienced professionals we heard they were. Our working experience and the results could not have been better.”

 ~ Antonella Pucci, Manager, Immunization Initiatives, Canadian Public Health Association

Creating the CANVax Campaign Messaging

An essential part of developing the first-ever national marketing campaign for CANVax was the messaging. We took the time to interview key stakeholders that accurately represented the audiences targeted when the campaign launched. 

Under the theme, Canada's Source for Credible Vaccination Information, we broke the messaging into two phases. First was building awareness of the website amongst health professionals who were likely unaware of CANVax. Next was the second phase of the campaign, which focussed on the numerous content on the website, such as a catalogue of podcasts, live and recorded webinars and briefs on a range of topics.