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Dave Smith Tribute

Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre

For well over a decade McGill Buckley had the honour and privilege of working side by side with Dave Smith in helping the cause nearest and dearest to his very large heart, the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre.

Dave Smith, Community Builder

If you live in Ottawa (or many other cities for that matter) odds are you’ve met or known of the legendary Dave Smith.  At the very least you may have been to one or two of the thousands of events where he has plied his much loved auctioneering skills. From very humble beginnings in downtown Ottawa, Dave Smith has become a renowned restaurateur, extraordinary philanthropist and champion of those in need. Most notably as the driving force behind the creation of the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre, a residential treatment centre in Ottawa.

When a group of community leaders decided to organize a special gala to honour Dave Smith, McGill Buckley jumped in with both feet. We sat on the organizing committee and donated all the creative development, design and production services.

We came up with the event theme and designed all the event collateral including (much to our delight) aprons and the packaging for bottles of limited edition Dill pickles.

Over 500 people came out to Salute to A Dreamer, An Evening in Honour of Dave Smith at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa that night and the event raised over $60,000 for the Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre.

Best of all, we got to hang out with Dave Smith and hundreds of his closest friends.

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