about mcgill buckley

ideas matter

principles – what we believe

Some of these beliefs were taught to us by our parents. Some were instilled in us by others. Still others we learned on our own, sometimes the hard way. All of them matter to us.

In life and in our work nothing is more important than trust.

We have a moral and ethical obligation to be responsible stewards of our clients’ dollars.

We should never take ourselves too seriously.

We should always have an inherent respect for other people’s knowledge, situation and expertise and should be able to expect the same in return.

Positive, rewarding and honest relationships with our clients, co-workers, colleagues, suppliers, business partners and community are critically important to us.

The most effective marketing and the most compelling brands come from the heart. That’s not to say that we discard statistics or turn our noses up at research. It is to say that we believe the most successful way to connect with people is through stories and messages with a captivating human element.

We believe in good manners and civil behaviour. We will not work with or tolerate bullies, know-it-alls, buck-passers, prima donnas, office politicians, finger pointers or dishonest people.

Our suppliers are critical to our success. We will not always buy the lowest price. Instead we will focus on the total value of what is being delivered. In our business value includes quality, service, honesty and dependability.

We are not fond of working with committees, especially when it comes to developing ideas. As one of our favourite clients once said to us – “A committee can take every beautiful colour in a rainbow and turn them all to a dull and lifeless grey.”

We will not present speculative creative concepts to gain a new client or keep an existing one. When we do choose to give our work away free it will be to deserving not-for-profit organizations that are helping to make people’s lives better.

We will never take on a new client that we perceive to be a competitor of one of our existing clients. If in doubt, we will ask permission.

We will never pretend to be all things to all people.

We will never betray the confidences of our clients.

When we make a mistake we will fess up and fix it.

We should do our best to floss after every meal.