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Stephen McGill and Nadine Buckley are the partners of McGill Buckley. One (Stephen) has always been fascinated with words and the compelling stories they can weave, while the other (Nadine) has been obsessed from a very young age with the concept of a picture being worth a thousand words.

Together, they bring a cohesive approach and a deep respect for each other’s skills and points of view to a wide range of marketing, branding and design projects. They have worked together as business partners and as a creative team since 1996.

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Stephen McGill, President & Creative Director

Inspired by the adventures and accomplishments of the original Mad Men, David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach, et al. – Stephen McGill decided (much to his parents’ horror) in his late teens that the world of advertising would be his chosen career.   More about Stephen

Nadine Buckley, Director of Creative Services

Nadine Buckley has been sketching, drawing and building things since a very young age. Let’s just say she loves to figure out how different pieces can fit together to make something beautiful. That way of doing things comes in handy when she is designing brand identities, websites and so much more.
More about Nadine

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