Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind

An Inspiring Case for Support for Canada's Guide Dogs

Since 1984, Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind has provided professionally trained guide dogs for people of all ages. They have improved the independence and quality of life for Canadians from coast-to-coast through their tireless work over more than three decades. Anyone who has driven through the village of Manotick, Ontario has likely noticed their facilities.

Improving the independence and quality of life for vision-impaired Canadians through their tireless work over more than three decades

In 1987, Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind opened its first National Training Centre. For the next 30 years that purpose-built facility was used to train professional guide dogs and welcome clients. In 2018 the board and co-founders of this national guide dog school decided to launch a fundraising campaign to expand the existing but aging National Training Centre.

New Facilities, A Host of New Possibilities for Guide Dogs and Clients

When completed, the newly expanded National Training Centre for the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind will include a number of improvements. A new kennel where guide dogs will be cared for.  A new residence where clients will stay during their 25-day training course. The client residence will feature two fully accessible bedrooms specifically designed for clients and personal care workers welcomed as part of the Assistance Dogs Division.

People and Their Long and Rewarding History with Dogs

As unabashed dog lovers, it was fascinating to learn about the long history of humans and dogs. It's a history that stretches back thousands of years. Amazingly the story of dogs assisting people with loss of vision stretches back almost as far.

But it was only during World War 1 that the world's first guide dog school opened. Tragically, the new school was needed to help the thousands of soldiers who had lost their vision in gas attacks during the war.

Campaign Theme and Case for Support

Working with frequent collaborators, Dan and Wayne of Hussey Consulting we helped with the creative elements of the fundraising campaign. We were tasked with writing and designing the campaign case for support and developing an overarching theme. Over the course of several weeks, we worked with the fundraising consultants, founders and board members of the Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind. In the end, the Guiding Vision Campaign was created along with a 28-page case for support.