Governor General’s Foot Guards

A Campaign to Mark 150 Years of the Governor General’s Foot Guards

With a history dating back to 1872, the Governor General’s Foot Guards have long held both operational and ceremonial roles in the Primary Reserves of the Canadian Army. While the Governor General’s Foot Guards is perhaps best known for the mounting of the Ceremonial Guard on Parliament Hill, and Rideau Hall in Ottawa, it also has operational roles domestically and elsewhere.

A special fundraising campaign to support local communities in the National Capital Region

A Fixture in Canada’s Capital

Comprised of over 250 officers and non-commissioned members, the Governor General's Foot Guards consist of four companies, a band, and the Ceremonial Guard. The four companies are divided by function; two Rifle Companies, a Training Company and a Support Company. The Governor General's Foot Guards have been a fixture in the national capital for almost 150 years providing a functional and ceremonial presence throughout the Ottawa area.

Changing of the Guard and other Ceremonies

As you might guess from the name, the Governor General's Foot Guards share a close connection to the Governor General and participate in ceremonies in the Ottawa area. The Regiment has conducted ceremonies on Parliament Hill and at Rideau Hall for over 40 years. Its full dress uniform, with the scarlet tunic and bearskin hat, is immediately recognizable and one of the two uniforms worn by the ceremonial guard during the summer.

The Ceremonial Guard,  a sub-unit, promotes the traditions of the “guards regiments” and performs the daily changing of the guard during the summertime on the lawns of Parliament Hill.

A Special Campaign to Mark 150 Years of Service

With its 150th anniversary in 2022, the Governor General’s Foot Guards decided to plan and launch a special fundraising campaign to give back to local communities in the National Capital Region.

150th Anniversary Campaign Case for Support

McGill Buckey was honoured to be asked to work with our friends at Hussey Consulting and well as leadership from the Regiment to develop, write and design a comprehensive campaign case for support. In the 20-page case for support, the history of the Foot Guards is presented while describing how the special 150th Anniversary Campaign will fund vital programs that benefit youth, veterans and families in need of affordable housing.

When completed the 150th Anniversary Campaign will help fund the creation of a special Governor General’s Foot Guards Memorial, highlighting the Regiment’s role within Ottawa and the Valley and honouring the pride, dedication and connection that Foot Guards have felt and demonstrated throughout its service to Canada.