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Virtually every marketing and branding project that we work on has its own unique parameters, requirements and challenges.  Quite often they call for a well-considered and expanded blend of knowledge, talents and expertise.

When the needs arise, we are lucky enough to know and be able to call upon a group of hand-picked associates. We call them our MBAs (McGill Buckley Associates).

These are a special group of talented people with a diverse range of skills that enhance and expand our own in-house capabilities. We got to know these folks under different circumstances. Some were clients of ours and others were simply involved in the same projects that we were.

Over the years and the projects we got to know each other and discovered that we had a great admiration and respect for each other’s skills. We also shared a common approach to doing business.

Perhaps most of all we simply enjoy working with each other.

McGill Buckley associate, Erik Hagborg
Erik Hagborg, Senior Digital Strategist

Arguably the most rabid Ottawa Senators fan on the planet and impressively encyclopedic in his knowledge of world history, Erik Hagborg brings a deep understanding of digital strategy, user experience and how to do things the right way in the digital world.

McGill Buckley associate, Cathy Hallessey
Cathy Hallessey, Senior Communications Strategist & Writer

She writes, she sings and she has enriched the lives of young people for years by teaching them music. A former journalist and Director of Communication on the client side, Cathy Hallessey brings exceptional writing, creativity and strategic skills to the table.

Mcgill Buckley associate, Steve Puddick

Steve Puddick, Senior Web Developer

At an imposing 6′ 4″Steve Puddick is by far our tallest associate. His knowledge of web and mobile development and his reputation for going above and beyond on every project stretches much higher than that.

Mcgill Buckley associate, Caroline Ives

Caroline Ives, Video Producer

After more than 30 years in the fast-paced world of television news, Caroline Ives has made a smooth transition into the world of freelance video production. We are awfully glad she did.



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