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A New Year Brings A New Look

A New Year Brings A New Look


Santa arrived a little early at McGill Buckley this year – with boxes of printed materials, copious quantities of electronic file formats, a vibrant new colour palette, fonts, favicons, forms, screensavers, templates and a slew of new visual brand identity standards. Like the McGill Buckley website, redoing our brand identity had been on our to-do list for far too long.

Now it is done.

After using our old logo for going on 15 years we found it deserving of a new lease on life and also felt that it needed to take into account a slate of logo applications that didn’t even exist in the late 1990s.

Social Media and a host of other newer logo applications and requirements come to mind.

As anyone who works in a creative agency knows, working on your own brand identity can be the most challenging project of all. Thankfully we managed to make it through virtually unscathed. Our sense of relief is palpable.


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Unabashed words guy, branding evangelist and voracious reader of anything to do with marketing, branding, creativity and design, Stephen McGill has worked in the agency business for over three decades.

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  1. Jason says:

    This is outstanding work! I love everything about it, well done MB team!

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