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marketing plans

Our marketing plans help you deliver the right messages to the right audiences, at the right time.

Right messages. Right Audiences. Right Time. Doing these three seemingly simple yet interconnected things is often tougher than it would seem. A strategic marketing plan, properly and consistently executed can help.

What qualifies as a plan for marketing?

While it may appear obvious to promote the value of developing a plan, we frequently come across companies who are spending thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing with little more than a spreadsheet as their roadmap. Others cobble together a few of the tactics du jour and call that a plan. It isn’t.

These approaches almost never work and in the rare case that they do – it is hard to understand out why. It’s harder to sustain success.

What needs to be in a plan?

A plan for marketing success should be an easy to implement blueprint that outlines all the advertising and marketing efforts for (at least) the coming year.

It should clearly spell out when and where specific marketing activities need to take place in order to meet measurable marketing objectives, within a specific period of time.

An effective plan must include a description of the current marketing position of the business and provide insights to prospects, customers and competitors. It should also contain a look back at company history including the good, the bad and the ugly. It should then look ahead to state clearly where the company should be 12 months in the future.

Our Marketing Plans:

Allow everyone to get on the same page in terms of company goals, marketing objectives, strategies and tactics.

Bring open, objective, market-focused opinions to the planning process.

Set realistic, measurable goals, budgets, schedules and expectations.

Identify barriers to success whether they be financial, human, product, service or market-based.

Are without fluff, technobabble and filler information.

Be based on the strategies, tactics and tools you need, not what others have to sell.

Working in collaboration with you and your team, McGill Buckley will deliver a finished marketing plan that you can execute on your own or, with ongoing involvement from us.

In many cases, we have been asked to play a lead role in helping the plan come to life.

Talk to us about helping with a plan that will help you meet your marketing goals