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marketing audit

Before jumping into the research and writing of a full-blown marketing plan, it’s usually a good idea to undertake a comprehensive review of an organization’s current marketing situation. In other words, it’s a good idea to do a marketing audit.

Identify marketing problems, uncover marketing opportunities.

In our experience, a well-considered and thorough marketing audit, conducted by experienced and objective marketing professionals usually uncovers valuable insights, identifies strengths and weaknesses and clarifies where an organization needs to focus its marketing activities.

If you are considering a market audit to gain a greater understanding of your marketing performance, you should keep the following three considerations in mind.

Will it be comprehensive? Will you consider all the areas of marketing where problems may exist? An audit should always look at multiple areas.

Will it be systematic? Are you planning an orderly analysis of the big and small pictures? Do you intend to review the objectives, strategies and operations that influence your marketing performance?

Will it be independent? While it is certainly an option to conduct an internally executed marketing audit, it is usually best to have someone from outside who can provide review and analysis that is truly independent and free of any partiality.

A marketing audit process usually involves face-to-face interviews, historical and competitive research, a look at historical financial performance, target market and competitive analysis and a thorough review of current and past marketing efforts.

The goal of a marketing audit is to answer some of the most fundamental marketing questions including:

Are you focusing our marketing resources on the right things at the right time?

Do you know what marketing activities are really working?

Do you know where you are dropping the ball?

Are you working with realistic budgets and schedules?

Do you have the human resources needed to execute?

Do you have the right marketing skill sets in place?

Are you leaving revenue opportunities on the table?

Are you delivering the messages that audiences want?

Are you measuring what needs to be measured and acting on the data you have?

Would you like answers to some of these marketing questions?

Perhaps it might be a good idea to talk to McGill Buckley about doing a marketing audit for your organization.

You never know what we might uncover.

Talk to us about helping with a marketing audit for your company.