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A Cobbler’s Children Get New Shoes

A Cobbler’s Children Get New Shoes


For much longer than we dare to ponder or frankly admit, we at McGill Buckley have been a 21st-century illustration of that old saying about cobblers and their children lacking footwear. In our case, the old saying would go something like the web design company has a really old website. And, a brand identity in need of refreshing for the digital age.

Ironically (but perhaps not) in the time we have been talking about the ever-escalating urgency of redoing our own website, we have produced a plethora of new websites for clients, friends and even some particularly demanding family members. You can find much of that work in our portfolio.

We have also created a bunch of additional marketing, branding, design and advertising projects for others. We volunteered for our favorite causes. We took a trip or two, maybe three. We watched the latest seasons of Dexter. We cheered on our beloved Ottawa Senators.

So, we’ve been busy. Or recuperating. Or procrastinating. But even those excuses and distractions became so very tired as we entered the last half of this year. So in the last couple of months, we became obsessed with redoing our own website and the results of that unbridled zeal are now before your eyes. We hope you like the way it looks and works. We also hope you take the time learn a little more about what we do, who we’ve done it for and what makes us tick and tock.

Thank you, Helen. Thank you, Les. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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Unabashed words guy, branding evangelist and voracious reader of anything to do with marketing, branding, creativity and design, Stephen McGill has worked in the agency business for over three decades.

5 Comments to “A Cobbler’s Children Get New Shoes”

  1. Les Faber says:

    It was one of the more “fun” projects I have worked on. You guys are pros, and made this project an absolute delight to be part of. From start to finish!

  2. Helen Faber says:

    It was worth the wait! Your website truly reflects your branding, design & marketing expertise. And… loved working with you on this project !

  3. Joy says:

    It’s smart and lovely. And totally you guys.
    And thank you, thank you, thank you for including the Morrow’s Nut House ad in your portfolio–it’s a classic. I still remember how hard I laughed (and then turned a deep shade of forest green with envy) the very first time I saw it.

    • Stephen says:

      Thanks Joy. Considering the mountain of great work you have produced, your kind words on the Sparks Street work means so much to us. Do you mind if we have it (your comment) framed? In a tasteful way of course.

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