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Forgive us for being a tad contrary but we believe that developing an effective brand goes well beyond designing a logo and slapping it on everything you can think of.

Far too many organizations begin and end their brand development efforts with a logo. And we think that’s a mistake. It’s also probably a reason why so many brand development projects leave folks feeling let down.

Our approach to brand development is comprehensive. It considers all the key branding elements that should work in perfect harmony. Elements like strategies, words, language and the visual systems behind the brand.

Our objective is always to help you develop a brand with substance, meaning and relevance to you and your target audiences.

Our brand development services include:

Brand Strategy – an objectives and goals driven approach to creating compelling brands.
Brand Messaging – the words and language that help define and describe your brand.

Brand Name – a memorable and appropriate moniker.

Brand Identity – a logo or wordmark.

Brand Look and Feel – a unique visual style for imagery and typography.

Brand Architecture – naming structures for products and services.

Brand Colour Palette – the suite of colours that will be used in traditional and digital design.

Brand Guidelines – a concise yet comprehensive blueprint for the brand do’s and don’ts.

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