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Logo and Brand Identity Design

To many people and companies, brand identity design typically means designing a brand logo or wordmark,  adding a few applications and calling it a day. We don’t believe that goes far enough.

Brand Logo and Brand Systems

McGill Buckley goes well beyond the typical logo only perspective by taking a comprehensive approach to brand identity systems. We like to consider all aspects of a brand’s identity including tone, positioning, personality, where it will appear and how it will be used.

Considering Context

We know context is key as is considering how the brand may evolve over time and stand out in markets teeming with competition.

One of the biggest considerations that has evolved over the last few years is how a brand identity will translate into the ever-changing landscape of social media and multiple digital channels.

Messaging + Visuals = Brand Identity

Our thorough approach to brand identity is broken down into two major and equally important sections –

  • brand messaging, which includes developing a brand voice, style, personality and,
  • brand identity system, the entire look and feel of a brand logo, standards and all its uses.

The end product is a visual identity system that resonates with employees, customers, donors, volunteers, investors and partners.

McGill Buckley’s capabilities in the area of visual design includes:

Brand logos, word marks, avatars, icons and favicons

Brand collateral material templates and standards

Brand colour palettes

Brand architecture

Brand imagery and typography standards

Brand standard guidelines

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