Canada’s Medical Experts for Healthy Communities

Helping the Public Health Physicians of Canada deliver a national awareness campaign. 

Just a few months into the worldwide pandemic, we began working with the Public Health Physicians of Canada to help them with a messaging and awareness challenge they had faced for many years. COVID had placed public health and its practitioners in the brightest spotlight in decades, and they saw the need to address act quickly and reach out to the broader healthcare community across Canada. 

Based on our familiarity with public health through our extensive work with the Canadian Public Health Association, we were brought in to help in a few key areas. 

Laying the Groundwork - Research and Key Informant Interviews

We started our work by reviewing all available backgrounds on previous messaging, website content, communications materials and social media channels. We then conducted key informant interviews with public health stakeholders across Canada and presented findings and recommendations. 

Developing the Public Health Messaging Platform

Based on our research, interviews and recommendations, we developed straightforward messaging about the scope of public health practice, including the profession's positioning, key benefits and core values, such as equity, population health, prevention, and social determinants of health.

While writing the messages, we landed on the overarching theme for the soon-to-be marketing campaign - Canada's Medical Experts for Healthy Communities. In addition to the campaign theme, we wrote a positioning statement and five key and supporting messages.  

“Canada’s Public Health Physicians are specialty-trained medical professionals focused on improving our communities’ health and well-being.” 

Launching a National Digital Campaign

Once the campaign messaging was approved, our following deliverable would be an online social media awareness campaign directed toward several target audiences, including other physician groups.

In anticipation of the campaign launching, we created a series of bilingual digital display ads and a custom landing page with shareable graphics and downloadable messaging. We ran a three-month, highly targeted campaign on Linkedin, select websites and other health-related online channels using available first-party data and additional information.