Marketing a Niche Canadian Financial Service

What stands out in Vegas builds business all over the place. 

We have had a great working relationship with KB Financial Solutions for many years. They have been our go-to suppliers for accounting, financial reporting and personal and corporate tax returns. For almost all that time, we were the client, and they were the supplier.

That dynamic changed not that long ago when we helped them officially launch one of their financial services at a trade show in Las Vegas. What started for them as a one-off referral client quickly became evident as a source for business growth. 

Serving the sales tax needs of online merchants selling in Canada.

A few years ago, KB Financial received a referral to an international online merchant selling in Canada, struggling to figure out the labyrinth of meeting provincial and federal sales tax requirements. The founder of KB is a former Canada Revenue Agency Auditor, so the scenario was easily in the company's wheelhouse. 

One happy referral client turned into two, three, four, and so on. They didn't take long to recognize a potentially profitable market niche - online sellers selling in Canada through Amazon and other channels and bamboozled about Canadian sales taxes. 

Before you knew it, KB Financial Solutions were on its way to Las Vegas to launch its new Canadian Sales Tax Solutions offering. We were going with them, figuratively speaking, and we would help them get marketing-ready with a new trade show booth, landing page, corporate garb and collateral materials. 

“McGill Buckley expertly showcased who we are and what we offer. Their creativity set us apart in a chaotic trade show setting. I could not be happier with the experience of working with McGill Buckley!.”

 ~ Lucas Simon, Vice-President,
Sales and Marketing, KB Financial Solutions

Leveraging Canadianisms, Eh? 

Considering the usually staid, conservative world of marketing financial services, we presented a slightly against-the-grain idea of being over-the-top, proud Canadian sales tax gurus. 

Full credit goes to the KB team for quickly jumping on board and going all in. A portable trade show display featured a plaid-shirted, fur-capped Lumberjack proclaiming, “We’re Sales Tax Experts, Eh?”. The booth crew wore branded toques and shirts that implored visitors to ask about Canadian sales tax? 

Collateral materials provided further details on KB’s Canadian sales tax services and encouraged people to enter a contest and visit a custom landing page to sign up

Since that first show, KB Financial Solutions has made trade shows a central part of its marketing program, and its client list is now over 200 companies and climbing. Even when you are Canadian, being creative is never something to be sorry about, eh?