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processes – the paths we like to follow

Granted, processes are not the sexiest topics especially coming from a creatively driven company like ours but we feel a need to talk about why they are important to us – and the people we work with.

Our view of process is that it is a critical element in everything we do from developing brands to executing marketing campaigns to planning, designing and delivering websites.

We find ourselves talking about process almost daily, perhaps even obsessing about new and improved processes. It may be because we consider process to be the vital structural design for getting things done as efficiently as possible.

We have seen process save the day when faced with an almost impossible brand launch deadline and we have seen important projects needlessly delayed and even jeopardized when working with people with little appreciation for process. You know who you are.

Almost everything we do is based on a process. We estimate projects using a process and a custom database. We track project progress and client requests using another specific process. We have specific processes for brand development, brand messaging and marketing. We have a brand new nine (or is it eleven?) part process for website projects. Why we have even talked about having a process for improving processes – perhaps we are letting things get out of hand.

We thought seriously about publishing our plethora of processes on this website but the last time we did that one of our more scurrilous and reprehensible competitors slapped their logo on one of them and used them to pitch against us. Perhaps we need a process to deal with that?

Want to talk process in person? We’d be more than happy to do so.


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