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Perhaps you could benefit from an objective outside perspective and some experienced input into developing the key marketing strategies that will drive the success of your marketing programs. McGill Buckley has decades of experience in working with companies and organizations to help them define some of the following key marketing strategies:

Unique Selling Proposition

We can help your audiences understand what you can do for them easily, compellingly and memorably. The most effective Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is one that addresses a need in the marketplace that isn’t already being addressed. Think Domino’s Pizza and their 30-minute delivery guarantee. McGill Buckley can help you discover your own USP and bring it to the marketplace.

Marketplace Positioning

Taking the time to discover, develop and express how you are decidedly different from your competition could be one of the best marketing investments you can make. Capturing a specific market position (such as Volvo did with automotive safety) can help audiences beat a path to your door. Internally a powerful position can become a lighthouse for strategic planning. McGill Buckley can help you determine a potent marketplace positioning.

Other marketing strategies that McGill Buckley can help with include:

Determining the true benefits that your products and services are delivering to your customers. What you think you are selling and what people want to buy may not always be the same thing.

Developing ways that you can outflank your most sweat-inducing competitors. Notice we didn’t say outspend your competition?

Providing guidance and assistance in determining where and when you need to be marketing.

Gaining a greater understanding of who (precisely) your best customers are so that your marketing will be better targeted. After all, what is the point of speaking to people who will never buy from you?


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