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There are literally millions and millions of different definitions of what a brand is. Don’t believe us? Try Googling “brand definition”  yourself. No wonder so many people are confused.

Here’s our definition of what a brand is. It works for us.

Your brand exists in the minds of your customers. Your brand is a collection of perceptions, feelings and experiences about who you are, what you do and how you make people feel.

So, how do you start creating an effective brand? We believe that words, carefully chosen and meticulously crafted, play a critical role in creating, positioning and establishing your brand. Words help set the right tone and start to establish the right personality for your brand.

During our brand definition phase, McGill Buckley will develop and write the core elements of an effective brand messaging platform. These key brand messages will define who you are, what you do and why your brand matters. From a practical standpoint the brand messaging platform will also help form the basis for developing future content for websites, social media properties, collateral materials, marketing programs, advertising campaigns and more.

Here’s where McGill Buckley can help develop your brand messaging platform:

Brand Promise – what you will deliver consistently through all brand experiences.

Brand Mission – why you do what you do.

Brand Positioning – what sets you apart from your competition.

Brand Pillars – the core differences in your products, services or mission.

Brand Values – what you believe in.

Brand Benefits – the tangible value you are delivering to your stakeholders.

Brand Tag Line – the single statement that captures the essence of your brand.


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